How to Boost your sales with effective IT Decision Makers Email List

Technology email list

IT decision makers are the one who sets the stage when you think of selling the new technology products. Spicework states that IT decision makers are responsible for managing $2.5 trillion in the overall IT budget every year. But how do you exactly reach them? Here are some tips to boost your sales percentage.

Research – Who are involved in the purchasing process?

Generally, the concerned person with purchasing power depends on size of the target company. Before you pitch the sales, consider researching about the target company size. In SMEs, you can reach the managing director or Founder. On the other hand, you need to get in touch with head of the specific department.

To attain successful sales pitch, you can target individuals sitting at the top position. Even if they were not concerned to make any decision, they would certainly refer you to the concerned person in their organization. This process of careful research allows you to receive a good number of positive responses. Most of the marketers will forget this stage and make a generic approach. The success percentage is too low in this case.

Identification – Whom should you connect with?

Leverage the internet to find out the target company’s website and pull of the information about the key personal. Of course, it seems to be a tedious process and tendency to land in a perfect list of contact details is not so good. In addition, you can attend networking events to win new clients and meet the actual IT Decision Makers in-person. How sure are you about their positive response?

Apart from these techniques, if you own a reliable IT Decision Makers Email List, your job of marketing plan becomes optimistic. You have the researched and deliverable contact list in your hand! You have to focus on sales funnel rather than collecting relevant contact information. Global B2B Contacts does it for you!

Plan your first approach

Getting connected on a personal level to your high-end prospect requires smart marketing approach. Make sure you include the following during your first call!

  • Learn about the products and services of Target Company and know what they do.
  • Frame the benefits your prospects will get upon buying the product/service.
  • Conclude by hooking some connectable point at the end.
It Industry Mailing List

When we mention connectable point, it can be such as “Ok! I will provide the basic information and will connect back in the coming week”, “We also have this as a complimentary offer, get back to us if interested”, etc.

After your first approach, make a list of those contacts you finished reaching and responses you received for each. When you keep track, it is beneficial to trace back your approach. You can spend less time in fetching right contact details and more on strategic marketing approach. For a free sample quote, you can always reach our expert team @ Global B2B Contacts. Have you tried any other unique sales pitch to impress your target IT Decision Makers? Let us know through the comments section below!

3 Excellent Strategies to Increase ROI using CMO Business Email List

If your target audience is chief marketing officer, then relax for a minute! Yes, you are in the understandable zone. Every CMO would have definitely crossed your current stage and worked hard to generate business leads. In other words, they will understand your objective in a better way. You need to be extra careful while addressing CMOs since they can easily spot your mistakes. Are you ready to learn about the powerful strategies?

CMO Mailing database
CMO Mailing List

Have you ever tried about doing a good research before shooting emails?

Yes this works! One of our clients at Global B2B Contacts experimented with this approach. Make detailed analysis about the CMO you are targeting through the social media profiles such as LinkedIn. Pick some of the eye-catching points and use them in your Email content. It embeds the reality and prompts the receiver to reply genuinely. Prove that you truly want to help your prospects and it works. So, get ready to connect with CMOs! Do not have a good database? You can enquire us for the best quality CMO Business Email List.

Did you try by personalizing your Emails?

Your sales Email need not be always general. It’s boring and repetitive for a CMO to read the same every time. He/She would receive 10s of business mails per day. What is so special in yours? It can be enhanced by adding names in the mail. Try something different by adding the personas name in subject or salutation. In addition, pull out the point that triggers their company’s reputation. One way to do this is by telling what their competitors are already doing! This builds curiosity in them to contact you. Extract full-fledged benefits from your CMO Business Email List.

2018 is meant for Video Marketing

How would it be if you embed a short and crisp video into your mails? If it takes just a minute or less! There are high chances of getting better click through rates. There are many video mailing tools in the market to leverage for better outcome. In addition, include the analytical information that benefits their business exceptionally with the personalized video thumbnail.

What you should not do? Make a note!

  • Avoid lengthy email content. It appears like an essay and trashed deliberately. It is not encouraged to read on a busy day!
  • Say no to copy-paste content or automated content. It is psychologically treated as an unrealistic response and you will not get the expected results.
  • Do not sound negative in your content tone. Sometimes, negative subject lines will increase the open rates of your email. However, you have to be careful with your tone when you are reaching top authorities of a company.

It would be great if you get the good leads by implementing these amazing B2B Email marketing strategies. If you are struggling to fetch the genuine CMO Business Email List, we can help you to get one. Contact us for more information. However, make sure to stand out among the queued emails in your prospect’s inbox from today.

7 Proven Methods to improve B2B Marketing Campaigns with CFO Email List

If your prospects are Chief Financial Officers, then you must penetrate into the actual pain points to grab their attention. Have you ever wondered how to reach CFOs with a better strategy and impress them?

“According to the Hubspot’s Marketing mix Report, it is inferred that 79% of the B2B businesses depend on E-Mail marketing campaigns to generate leads. Most of the B2B companies spend time in creating and sending strategic emails.”

From above, you are lucky to discover the fact of starting data-driven B2B Marketing Campaigns today! Of course, you need the dedicated CFO Business Email Listto get started. Firstly, you can go through the seven main methods that will arouse the curiosity inside you! Get better while aiming CFOs.


What are the seven B2B Email marketing methods you can follow to amaze CFOs?

  1. Financial Perspective: You cannot sit back and relax once you buy CFO Mailing List. It is just the beginning of your E-Mail marketing journey! Most evidently, CFOs look at your products or services in a financial perspective. They are always interested to learn how your brand helps them to cut down their organization’s cost.
  2. Specific Content: Never shoot generic emails to these high profile personas of organization. Study the company requirements and be specific while pitching your message. All-purpose message will not work!
  3. Sound Non-Sales: CFOs hate sales based content or phrases. For instance, “Buy now! 50% Offer on the XYZ product package”. This type of sales pitch is cluttered and never valued. Be direct and portray yourself as important facet for their business. Make them say “Well! I need to go through it”.
  4. Avoid Graphics: Make sure to eliminate the typical agency type flashy images. Instead, you can offer resources at the end of the email copy such as E-Book or whitepaper. In the body of the E-Mail, have an easy to read content. Suppose you have the CFO Decision Makers List, use itin a right way.
  5. Impossible to be perfect:No product or service can be 100% perfect. Absolutely, there are positive and negative sides. You can plan a strategic content based on when can your brand benefit the company and when can it not (Time based solution). Inform them evidently that builds trust. Remember to uphold the goodness of your product or service while being genuine.
  6. Action Plan: Include the workflow process you wish to undertake if the CFO decides to purchase the product/service. What will you do if it does not work? How exactly you have planned to help their organization? It becomes their DECISION MAKING FACTOR.
  7. Focus on Tone:Give importance to the tone of voice while developing your B2B E-Mail content. It should showcase your professional attitude in terms of whole campaign design. Ensure everything seems to be error-free before sending the mails.

Global B2B Contacts are the leading providers of data-driven marketing solutions. If you are in need of database solutions, request a free sample quote at Contact Us. Our expert professionals will get in touch with you to solve the purpose.

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in CEO Business Email List

It is high time you take a lead to improve your company’s marketing strategies. Global B2B Contacts shapes your lead generation process and serves as the powerful catalyst to B2B campaigns. Embrace the best marketing tool and make your customers feel smart! Here are the prominent reasons to buy the CEO Business Email List for your marketing needs.

  1. Brilliant Reachability

You can hit the inboxes of chief executive officers from top-notch organizations from any geographical location of your choice. The comprehensive details provided in the E-Mail list fuels your communication with key personnel who own decision-making power.

2. Verified Contact Details

Every contact information in the CEO Business Email List is made to undergo strict verification process via e-mails and telephone. Marketing with outdated and duplicate data is like driving a car with eyes closed. Hence, we make sure to supply 100% relevant data to our customers.

3. Customized Database

Every business is unique! You will have the specific target audience and dedicated brand value in the niche market. We consider your exact business requirements and prepare the customized database that brings responsive results at the end.

4. Authentic Resources Utilized

Getting the genuine contact details from trustworthy resources is a tedious process. You can save time by purchasing the well-researched database from a trustworthy company. Global B2B Contacts follows the systematic process and integrate the contact details from authentic resources such as business conferences, tradeshows, business directories, local listings, and so on.

5. Segmented Data

Your job of segregating the contact details is made easy. The marketing and sales strategies are perfectly channelized for you in prior. As a whole, the contact list is classified based on the geographic location, industry type, size of target market, job roles, and many other. With this tremendous feature, you can dedicatedly focus on your customers and serve them the best!

6. Support and Assistance

There will be team of marketing experts and data scientists who are always ready to review the campaigns you have already executed. Consequently, they help you to enrich the B2B campaign performance through sincere review.Ultimately, you will enjoy the interaction with CEOs who own the power to purchase.

7. Planned Reputation Management

Reputation Management and Customer Engagement is the prominent aspect of any business. However, it is recommended to approach your prospective customers through reliable Business E-Mail List. As a result, your brand value shoots like a star! Hold your loyal customers tight in place for a long-term with the help of an excellent marketing resource.

It is a well-known fact that CEO is the significant entity in an organization who regularly reports to the Board of Directors.Alright! Now you are aware that a methodical approach is essential to reach out the busy professionals. Why don’t you invest in the accurate and verified CEO Business E-Mail List at Global B2B Contacts? You will certainly discover the innovative methods of approach through preferred communication channels! Get ahead and beat the competition in your target market.

Strike the Competitive Edge with an Incredible Data Driven Marketing Strategy

There is an alarming demand for the companies to transform their marketing strategy that includes automation. Most evidently, the size of the data is growing huge day by day. Adopt the right techniques to collect, use and manage the data for marketing purpose. The prominent qualities of a data-driven business are:

  • Once you are successful in acquiring data from both internal and external resources, do not stop there! Analyze the data and segment it into practical insights.
  • The insights must be capable of helping your company’s key decision makers to make better real time decisions.
  • The results obtained from the data should be measurable and track the organization’s success.

Do you wish to build a data driven marketing plan and grab all the benefits of marketing automation? To get started, you might need a reliable Business Data Lists and a skilled team to strategize a campaign plan! It saves your time and helps you to focus on generating leads rather than just working on data.

Why is it so important to adopt Data Driven Marketing Strategy in 2018?

You might have a big question daunting your thoughts from many days! Will a data-driven marketing strengthen my business performance and sales revenue? Here are few advantages of having right set of data.

  • In this digital era, the ideal marketing has the power to convince the audience and help them make an instant purchase decision. Ideal marketing is possible only when you reach ideal prospects. If not 100%, you will be close to it with the support of well-compiled email data. In addition, the database helps you to understand the audience mindset before planning a successful campaign.
  • When you own the relevant data, you can anticipate the time at which your prospects most likely respond. Analyze the responses and start working on the results obtained. Extrapolate the patterns and promote your products effectively. Ultimately, you can save time and money once you get used to data-driven marketing.
  • The segmented data helps you to develop the personalized marketing messages and experience the power of customized approach. For example, you can provide the related offer to different audience segments. Your brand retains in their mind! As a result, your prospects remembers you when they are in need.
  • There is a striking advantage of having a right database! You can market the products and services through multiple channels. An opportunity to reach your target prospects from 360-degree perspective. Database definitely plays an important role in implementing a data-driven marketing strategy.

Hope you are curious enough to get started with refined and customized marketing! The powerful combination of genuine mailing database and dedicated marketing strategy will boost your business sales. Look at some of the tips you can use to build a data-driven marketing strategy.

Real-Time Tips to build a data-driven marketing plan

How does your marketing team perceive the data in 2018? Add these tips to your existing marketing plan and improve the ROI. You can consider this basic information that make your task of generating high quality leads easy. To be precise, we have enlisted the helpful tips to lift your marketing strategy into next level.

1. Be Firm with You Decision

In the first place, understand the fact that changing the existing marketing plan into new form is not easy. If you have planned to update your marketing plan with data-driven techniques, make sure to stick on with your decision. You must be ready to commit with time and new resources required such as dedicated databases.

2. Adapt Marketing Automation

To handle the data-driven marketing strategy, your team should start using automation tools. It is very essential to keep a check on current trends in marketing automation. As a result, it would be extremely helpful to analyze the customer behavior and act according to their response. It helps in handling personalized approach.

3. Hire the Skilled Team

If your team comprises of employees from multiple departments, it would be an added advantage. In other words, the team members must be capable of thinking at an enterprise level and come up with a unique solution. You can hire experienced data scientist to perform predictive analysis and roll out effective campaigns. If you face economical constraint, the team of data experts at Global B2B Contacts helps you attain the actual business goals. Since, our team does all the tasks starting from data collection, segmentation and appending, we offer the comprehensive data driven marketing solutions.

4. Work along with other departments

It is preferred that a marketing team in a company has a regular interaction with other departments. This cross-departmental nature builds a comprehensive approach to attract potential prospects. At the end, your team should own the right tools for campaign performance analysis.

5. Focus on Your Competitor’s Brand

Observe how your competitors use the data to make sales. If you are able to find out the mistakes from the observation, correct it and try your chance. Learn from your competitor’s mistake. Extrapolate the insights upon what worked for them and what did not! This is the most important aspect of any business to beat the competition in a healthy manner.

6. Measurement and Optimization Techniques

Develop the personalized message and shoot the emails to different market segments respectively. When it resonates with the targeted audience, the brand visibility increases. When you have access to the authentic database, it would be extremely easy to measure and keep the track of campaign performance. Once you know the campaign impact, the optimization falls under good framework.

This is just an overview about how database seems to be an important element in today’s marketing journey. You need verified contact details to reach the potential prospects. On the other hand, you need data to analyze your consumer behavior. Overall, the right data analyzed intellectually leads to campaign success. If you wish to attain your marketing success with our experts, request for the sample quote of B2B mailing lists at Global B2B Contacts.

Is GDPR Good or Bad for your Business? Secrets Revealed about purchasing email lists!


There is a great confusion in the business owner’s and marketer’s mind for GDPR being a boon or a bane to the commercial email marketing technique. Well, are you one among them looking forward to understand the term General Data Protection Regulation? We got you covered!

Well, we have all been using the regulations in one or the other way before but just that it has now been amended for better consumer protection. Let’s get started to know more about it.

What is GDPR

The term GDPR was brought into the European Parliament in the Early 2016’s with an aim to provide the best security and business practices for the data protection of European citizens. According to the rule, it is very necessary to comply with the latest GDPR either be a personal, private, professional or public data of the EU citizens. However, such a rule is not applicable to the national law securities or the law enforcement agencies of the European Nation.

Why is GDPR into Action?

GDPR has brought a great relief for privacy and security concerns of individual’s information. Over the years, lack of trust on few of the companies have led to a major breaching of personal information. As per a recent survey, around 40% of the unwanted signups have led to a massive unwanted marketing. As a whole, Digital Marketing has been an overgrowing transformation to take the business online. But, at the same time, it is very important for companies to adhere to monitoring and protecting data over a regular period of time.

Which Data does the GDPR protect?

Basic Information – It greatly compliance with the information being stored such as the Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Credit Card Details etc. It is necessary that such websites, agencies, portals have an Opt-In permission before the information can be stored.

Website Data – Few websites have the usage of Cookies, ID Address and location storage policies. By which, the user’s behavior can be easily monitored by those cookies. GDPR plays a vital role in limiting the information being collected on the website.

Health and Bio-metric Data – With the overgrowing online verification of personal information. There is a large demand of automating physical verification of the customer through the use of RFID tags, biometric devices etc. Such information should be used only for a specific demand and should not be saved without the proper consent of the owner.

Why is now the right time to Purchase Email List from Global B2B Contacts?

In fact, the businesses operating legitimately need not worry about new regulations. Due to the strict rules and regulations related to B2B data, there is high tendency to reduce the data errors and eliminates the outdated data. Your marketing techniques turn out to be more authentic and genuine in approach. As a result, the GDPR improves the quality of the marketing by filtering out the data which are not opted-in.

After the implementation of GDPR on May 2018, the cost of the top-quality databases will go high! It is good if you make a purchase now itself that comprises of dually opt-in contact information.

Impact of GDPR on campaign strategies executed by Business

It is clear that, you can use only the opt-in data after May 2018 failing which, you are liable to the risk of € 20 million or 4% of the company’s global annual turnover as a fine amount. You must be very clear about the company from which a B2B database is purchased to avoid the penalty. At Global B2B Contacts, we make sure that the target audience have opted in to your future communications. Building the new client base can never be risky with our opt-in email list.

Some Important Facts about GDPR that Will Help You!

  • GDPR is applicable only to personal email data and not to generic email addresses such as However, if small businesses use such generic emails as their main mode of communication, then GDPR is applicable.
  • Irrespective of your business location, if your email is targeting any Europe citizen then you are liable to GDPR compliance.
  • You cannot target the prospects from the business cards received during any event! It has to be opted in specifically by them and provide his/her consent to receive your marketing messages.
  • To perform cold emailing, you must reach out to the trusted and verified database providers for purchasing business email list.
  • Global B2B Contacts possess the provable record of contacts who have given permission to be saved in our system.
  • Your current customers must also double opt-in to prove their consent to all your future marketing messages. On the other hand, you can still send the emails corresponding to services, maintenance, and transactional purpose.

Steps taken by Global B2B Contacts towards GDPR Compliance.  

Global B2B Contacts being an internationally recognized database marketing company, we have been successful in implementing the following.

  • We have a transparent business model that is true and legitimate.
  • Regularly update the contact lists as per the changing scenarios and industry standards.
  • Upgrade security measures in terms of Data Loss, Data Breach, Damage and illegal usage.
  • Categorize the data into different sub levels, thus the purpose of usage is clearly defined.
  • Accurate and Reliable Contact Fields which makes it more target oriented.
  • Highest level of preference for Data Cleanliness and Opt-In.

Further, these large databases have led to a greater risk and concern for the individual’s privacy and security. By having GDPR into the act, it’s a win – win scenario for businesses and buyers. At Global B2B Contacts, we never compensate upon quality to provide the best complied mailing list to our clients.

You can reach our data experts and upgrade your data to be GDPR compliable. As a result, you will be able to filter only the permission based data. We will help you solve all the new regulations through systematic data processing stages. We have already started to provide special focus to GDPR and help you attain business objectives easily.

How to strengthen market reach by using customized CTO Business E-Mail List?

Today, you are here reading our blog post on how to reach C-Level Executives effectively! In the first place, you are expected to know how to approach Chief Technology Officers strategically and expect the maximum possible number of positive responses. So, we are here at Global B2B Contacts to help you. Are you planning to buy the customized CTO Business E-Mail List ? Great! In addition, make sure you also have a systematic plan to approach your target audience along with purchasing the database. How do you prove that your products or services are genuinely useful for their business?

Of Course, sales is a number game! However, if you implement the precise prospecting strategy, positive results are bound to be true. Here are some tips to strengthen market reach by using the superior quality CTO mailing list.

CTO mailing List

Balance their Busy Schedule

It is highly recommended to make use of multi-channel marketing approach. It benefits you with high probability of receiving positive response. Initially, you can send a mail followed by connecting on social media. After few days, you can follow up through a phone call keeping the previous e-mail as reference. This approach helps you to pin the great communication with the Chief Technical Officer in any one of the channels.

Give something Extra

Along with your main products or services, you can have something valuable ready to offer at the end of your e-mail campaign. This builds strong relationship since you are ready to help with an appreciated offer that insists them to call you back. Plan your call to action smartly! With the help of targeted CTO Business E-Mail List, your smart approach gains a much higher value.

c level executives List

Short and Crisp E-Mail Content

CTOs are one of the busy professionals in the top-level of any businesses. If you are trying to grab their attention, you must be highly confident and to the point. They never encourage lengthy information, which wastes their time. Shoot your actual message and build the curiosity at the end so that they come back to you for more information. Hold up your chin and start planning your data-driven solutions today!

Provision of Accurate Contact Details

Make sure you include the basic contact details in your E-Mail signature. Do not forget to highlight your company’s strengths such as your official social media pages and websites. It is definitely a good idea to enrich your brand’s awareness.

Gain the power to set up the powerful campaigns and get ahead through an amazing marketing journey with the best Business Mailing Lists.

I hope these tips serves all your confusions and eliminates the troubles you were facing to connect with C-Level Executives. You can contact our expert team for detailed support and request a sample quote of CTO Business E-Mail List. The above mentioned suggestions will definitely help you to come up with unique combination of strategies. Global B2B contacts honestly wishes you to grow to newer heights with the best resources in hand!